Jessii Vee decides to part ways with INVIZ

I am sad to announce that I have decided to part ways with Invisible Narratives LLC, also known as "INVIZ", and as of October 18, 2023, Jessii Vee Incorporated has provided written notice terminating its Service Agreement with INVIZ.

I did not make this decision lightly.

My decision was based on being unaware, prior to me publishing promotions on my social media channels, that sales of the Jessiiline Plushie and the Jessii’s Oddities Sticker Pack on the INVIZ Shop were pre-orders.

Had I known that pre-orders were involved, I would have communicated that fact in my social media promotions and would have also communicated a backdrop contest end date that was better reflective of pre-order shipment timelines.

I personally apologize to all customers who have made purchases of the Jessiiline Plushie or Jessii’s Oddities Sticker Pack on the INVIZ Shop who also may not have been aware that their purchases were pre-orders shipping 8 weeks from the order date, as published on the INVIZ Shop. Should you have any concerns or issues with your order placed on the INVIZ Shop, please contact INVIZ directly at

All this being said, I will be revising the backdrop contest end date to January 1st, 2024 to ensure that I provide sufficient time for customers to receive their Jessiiline Plushies and enter the contest with their creative photo submission.

We will also be providing a 25% discount code to be used on my shop to anyone who has made a purchase on the INVIZ Shop of the Jessiiline Plushie or Jessii’s Oddities Sticker Pack. All you need to do is send a screenshot of your proof of purchase or order confirmation to

Again, I am sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience caused.

Love you all and thank you for your continued support.

Jessii Vee