Jessii Vee is proud to announce our partnership with The G Magnotta Foundations’ Research Lab for Lyme Disease. Jessii will donate a dollar from each order that is placed on her website to this amazing foundation!

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The G. Magnotta Foundation’s research lab at the University of Guelph will change how Lyme Disease is tested, diagnosed and treated in Canada. Science is our weapon. They are the only non-profit organization in Canada with an exclusive focus on generating new knowledge about Lyme Disease through scientific investigation to uncover answers to the most challenging questions that doctors and patients currently face. It is critical that the controversy around testing, diagnosis and treatment is resolved urgently. Your support matters and will accelerate breakthroughs that will benefit all Lyme disease patients.

Jessii interviews with Rossana Magnotta regarding how Lyme disease impacted her life. Rossana Di Zio Magnotta is the President & Founder of the G. Magnotta Foundation for Vector-Borne Diseases.

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