YANA (You Are Not Alone) Vee Team Connect

A few years ago, the concept of YANA groups in schools was discussed and created by a group of women called “Beautifully Blessed.” This group was founded, and lead by Niki Vee, Jessii Vee’s mom. What the group wanted to accomplish was to prevent loneliness and isolation for kids in schools. Jessii was a part of this group and she wanted to use her platform to support and spread this idea. She felt very passionate about this movement as she herself had a difficult time in school fitting in. She has always taken the time to tell her YouTube following to “Embrace their weird side because normal is boring.” She wanted kids to feel empowered because of their differences not embarrassed or ashamed.
So “YANA Vee Team Connect” groups were born! Jessii would like to see these groups in every school around the world. Her goal is to start a movement where schools/programs form groups that reach out to kids who are alone and having problems fitting in.
The goals of these groups are to spread kindness, be inclusive, reach out to those who are alone, prevent bullying, discourage hate, encourage justice/peace and spread love to everyone despite their differences. These YANA groups should be supervised by a school official and inspire kids who want to make a difference in the lives of others, to sign up and spread kindness and inclusiveness! Most groups in schools choose the smartest, strongest, most athletic, or talented students for their groups. Not for Vee Team Connect YANA Groups! Any member of YANA groups should be kind, caring, selfless and encouraging. They should NOT be rude, condescending, unkind or part of groups who do not include others. The supervising teachers/instructors should be very specific in who they choose to be members of this important group.
If your school or program would like to be part of the Vee Team Connect YANA Group, please download the YANA Group Information Sheet & Application, and have a school or program official complete the form. Once complete, the form should be emailed to yana@jessiivee.com.


Created by Jessii Vee, YANA Stands for: You are not alone!
Use this group to make connections with others sharing similar struggles. Spread positivity!


YANA Registered Schools

B. Gale Wilson School

Bayview Secondary College

Bertha Barber Elementary

Betz Elementary School

Carroll County Middle School

Central Elementary School

College of Adaptive Arts

Congress Park School

Country Place Elementary

Creekside Park Junior High

Cumberland North Academy

Early College High School

Finland Elementary

Focus Beyond School

Jenkintown Middle/High School

Mt. Ararat High School

Nocona Middle School

Sanger High West Campus

St Luke Nepean

Sunnyside Elementary

Visit the YANA School Tour

We are looking for sponsors for the YANA school program/Tours for the school year 2021-2022! IF you are interested in your company being a sponsor of this kindness movement, please contact us at jessiivee@outlook.com for the sponsorship packages. 



Angie Chen
Interested in more Yana Group information or if you have a question? Please email us at yana@jessiivee.com
Hello everyone! My name is Angie Chen and I am the YANA Administrative Coordinator. I’ve just graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Research Intensive Specialization Psychology degree. I am passionate about mental health, mainly in the child and adolescent demographics. My goal is to include more countries under YANA, especially Asian countries. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about YANA!! I would love to hear any feedback about this program from you guys :)
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