Barbie's Super Talking Phone

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Have you ever wanted to own a piece of memorabilia from one of Jessii’s videos? You now have your opportunity!

As seen on Jessii's Youtube video & unboxing on her Vlog Channel, Barbie's 'Super Talking Phone' was incredibly popular in 1996.

This is an authentic Super Talking Phone from 1996 and still works great! You will also receive a signed Jessii Vee Photo & handwritten note from Jessii herself with your purchase.

Jessii spoke of a legend surrounding this toy where kids reported hearing a strange, low voice coming from the speakers. This glitch was baffling families around the world, hence why Jessii wanted to buy this phone to test it for herself.

Safe to say, the phone she bought did not have a creepy glitch, but there's no harm in passing it along to someone else to give it a try. 

All proceeds go towards our YANA program!

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You Are Not Alone
YANA program

The YANA group is founded, and lead by Niki Vee, Jessii Vee’s mom. The group works to prevent loneliness and isolation for kids in schools. Jessii is a part of this group and has used her platform to support and spread this idea. She feels very passionate about this movement as she herself had a difficult time in school fitting in.

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